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In order to provide the circulation space required by AS 1428, Australian Ramp Systems has created an ingenius and flexible landing system to work with our ramps.

Landings can be the solution where you need to join up multiple doorways or add another building which has to link up to others. Where initially it seems that multiple ramps may be needed, often we can build the decking in to accommodate just one ramp as a less costly alternative, for example in accommodation units and school blocks.

Our landings are fully engineered, and supplied prefabricated with box-section framework and adjustable-height support legs. Modwood is the recommended flooring surface.

With an average width of 10m, landings are available in various sizes up to 60m long. However all landings are custom made to suit your needs and we offer you complete on-site access in one easy installation contract.


  • Aluminium 80mm x 40mm box section, fully-welded sub-frame
  • Available up to 60m long
  • Adjustable height support legs
  • Load rating 300kg/m2
  • Modwood surface recommended
  • TGSI installation service



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